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Пришлите свой вопрос на нашу почту и мы обязательно ответим Вам в этом разделе. Или позв ...

Why I must be registered?
Registration in a shop is needed for the following: * We will be able to deport you a commodity to indicated address * you will be able to call at a shop and watch status of Your order * you will get a discount * For you a story discount will begin to be charged extra * you will get a gift * We will participate in drawing of prizes. * You will be able to estimate a commodity * you will be able to abandon the comments about a commodity We remind. All information, passed to us, is absolutely confidential ...

That does mean to order a commodity a cash on delivery?
The order of the goods a cash on delivery, the slowest on delivery and most Road at transfer! To order the goods a cash on delivery means to pay it at reception on To mail. That is, having made the order in our Internet shop, you wait, when The postman delivers you the notice on the parcel which has come to your address. Then Go on mail, pay the demanded sum and take away a parcel. Pay attention to that at a choice of a way of payment by the imposed Payment, to transfer cost will automatically add 4.8 more % from Costs of the order ...

Whether it is possible for me to return or exchange the goods?
The client can return the goods if the size has not approached, the shade has not liked Colours of the received thing only in emergency or in advance stipulated Cases. At return to the client goods cost, but not comes back Cost of post services (express delivery). The goods exchange is made On the same conditions. If the received goods have a spoilage in production, or by mistake Other thing is put, the client has the right to order a thing once again or To receive the sum back paid for the order, including post gathering (Express del...

What means to order the goods with an advance payment?
To order the goods with an advance payment, means in advance to pay it. That is, having chosen The goods which have liked you, and having made the order, you receive the account with the order sum. Further you translate us money in any way convenient to you: * The postal order * Bank remittance * Card replenishment * And all possible electronic payments The order will be sent you within one-two days after receipt of money. Pay attention to that the order with an advance payment costs essentially more cheaply A...

What is the memory discount and how it to receive?
At us the system of memory discounts for clients is made active! * The sum of all your orders are summarised * When the total sum of all your orders will reach the defined Limit you Receive the further discount for all further purchases * Discounts "do not burn down" (are valid ALWAYS!) * Discounts are not summarised * Your discount CAN use (and to help to accumulate it:)) yours Friends-acquaintances-employees! * Besides discounts, you also can choose to yourselves the GIFT! Our disc...

Gifts? What is it?
And still to steam of words about pleasant - about GIFTS:) Making purchases in our shops, you receive from us gifts! * The gift can be only one; * Gifts are automatically added in a basket; * The gift in a basket automatically varies depending on the sum The order; * The quantity of gifts constantly grows. We care of the clients and discounts and gifts to buyers it is simple Our gratitude for your friendship to us and ours To shop....

What is the price guarantee?
The price guarantee is a revolutionary service from our shop. That it means. It means, that we guarantee to you a floor price. That is, if you have found the same goods more cheaply and we have specified us a source, Let's sell to you the goods under the price found to you....

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