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Сертифицированный товар из Германии(ORION)

Быстрая доставка по Украине

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Goods delivery.

Any order made on a site, in shop or by phone, we can deliver in any point of Ukraine. Before the sending, each goods are checked by the expert and packed. We will try to deliver the goods in the minimum terms, any method of sending chosen to you.

Confidentiality is guaranteed, all goods are packed into opaque dense packing without any inscriptions. Couriers and workers of mail do not know about contents of delivered parcels. The information transfer to the third parties is excluded.

Attention! The sold goods of intimate appointment are subject to an exchange and return only in critically cases! All presented goods have corresponding certificates and can be used as for a change sexual relations.

 There are following kinds of delivery:

- Payment in shop if you in a city have our branch, you can подьехать and pay the goods.

- The courier on a city if you in a city have our branch. Payment is made by cash to the courier at order reception. Delivery is made from Monday till Friday from 10-00 till. At calculation with the courier try to prepare the necessary sum without delivery. About a place and time convenient for you it is possible will agree by phone. Delivery cost - it is free.

- By mail a cash on delivery. After mail will inform you on parcel post reception, it is necessary for you to come on mail with the passport and to pay order cost. Cost of delivery by mail (cash on delivery) across Ukraine depends on a total sum of the order and its weight, usually from 30 uah + 4.8 % from order cost. Delivery by mail usually occupies 5-7 days.

 - Delivery by the motor transportation companies. Goods delivery across Ukraine such companies as "Autolux", «the Night express train» is possible. Delivery is possible after 100 % of an advance payment of the order in the way convenient for you. Cost of delivery from 15 гривен. The goods go next day after receipt of money resources on the settlement account. Goods reception is made under the passport.

- A cash on delivery (New почто). A novelty! High-speed delivery with payment possibility at reception. Cost of delivery by New mail (cash on delivery) across Ukraine depends on a total sum of the order and its weight, usually from 19 гривен + 1.5 % from order cost. Delivery by New mail occupies 1-2 days.

 On all questions which concern: deliveries, terms, cost and т.д - contact to us.

Goods payment.

Except вышекузанных payment methods (in shop, to the courier, into the account and наложным payment) you can take advantage of systems of electronic payment


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